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new lawsuit against the nsa for 400 million dollars
Link to video I made for the U.S.Senate election on Nov 4,2014
in my opinion how the nsa works
names of the people who got the $20,000 from the NSA

Jeff Boss
7002 Blvd East apt 26g
Guttenberg, N.J 07093
917-651-1314 C201-662-1303 H.

United States District Court of New Jersey (Newark) Complaint And Jury Demand For
and damages.
JEFF BOSS,Plaintiff,
John Doe 1 through John Doe 100, individual agents of the NSA,whose names are presently known and unknown by the Plaintiff.NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY
Attention: Legal Department
9800 Savage Road
Fort George, Maryland 20755
(301) 688-6524
 Defendants,             Complaint for F.R. Civ. P. 65 Relief and damages to Plaintiff Jeff Boss
appearing in pro se, inops consilii, respectfully says the following in support of his complaint against these defendants for relief and damages under F.R. Civ. P. 65.
1. Plaintiff, Jeff Boss, is will be on the ballot for the 7th time, this time for U.S. Senate & President of the United States 2012.  as evidence by the following websites .& .Plaintiff  has been on the ballot in the past  for  President 2008/ U.S. Senate in N.J and received over 11,000 votes., and also tied for second place in the  Democratic Primary for Governor of  N.J  with over 16,000 votes in 2009 , Plaintiff has also run for  Congress 2010, & State Senate  2011.
This web page sets forth plaintiff’s statement that  plaintiff’s sister in law with top National Security clearance helped arrange the September 11, 2001, World Trade Center attack. The defendant has conspired to retaliate against plaintiff for same whistleblowing and to interfere with plaintiff’s Election Campaigns and numerous attempts to kill the plaintiff. Jurisdiction.2. This court has jurisdiction pursuant to Bivens v. Six Unknown Federal Narcotics Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971); F.R.Civ.P  65. Statement Of Facts.
1. The Plaintiff’ has over 9 affidavits and 31 signed letters, and over 300 people on DVD stating that the Defendant threatened to kill them  after the Plaintiff handed them his campaign literature, about how he had witnessed the NSA arrange the 911 attacks.
 2.The affidavits and letters states that within 2 hours of receiving Jeff boss’s campaign literature relating to his election and the circumstances surrounding the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001, that these people that Jeff Boss (plaintiff) campaigned to were approached by an individual identifying themselves as an employer of the National Security Agency. 
3.  These affidavits and letters continue that they were offered a sum of $20,000.00 if they agreed not to inform anyone of the information contained in Plaintiff’s literature or give the literature to any other person. In addition this person was told if they refused to comply to this order from the National Security Agency they would be harmed by the NSA especially if they aided Mr. Boss (plaintiff) in his election efforts or voted for him. These 40 people swore under oath that they accepted the gift card for $20,000.00 from the National Security Agency. The plaintiff has a list of over 50,000+ Americans who have been threatened with death by the NSA and given a chase gift card for $20,000.00. The Plaintiff fears that the NSA will kill these 50,000+ people if his campaign isn’t made public. The Plaintiff has campaigned to over 500,000+ people and fears that these peoples lives are at risk. A copy of  nine of  the affidavits and the 31 letters are attached to the complaint. Also attached are the names of thousands who got the $20,000.00  from the NSA and were threatened with death if they donated money to the plaintiff’s campaign, told anyone that the NSA did the 911 attacks, or voted for the plaintiff. Plaintiff has most of these people on DVD admitting they got the $20,000 from the defendants.
4.  Not one major newspaper in America will run the plaintiff’s paid for political ads. The NY Times, Star ledger, Record, Jersey Journal, Asbury Park Press, and numerous other newspapers will not take plaintiff's money and print plaintiff's political ads. The record wouldn’t even print anything except my name, not one word about my campaign or even the date of the election. When the plaintiff is on TV. or radio the broadcasts are blocked by the NSA. 
 5.  The  Defendant surrounds plaintiff with so many agents where ever he goes, that the Plaintiff finds it hard to campaign to the general public. Plaintiff is followed on buses, subways, planes, ferry s and everywhere the plaintiff goes. The plaintiff has thousands of NSA agents on DVD that follow him around, many admitting on DVD that they are following him around. and that they work for the NSA.   The plaintiff has lots of NSA agents on video saying this.
6.  Plaintiff has former Vice President of the United States , Al Gore on DVD admitting that the NSA arranged the 911 attacks using the NSA secret code. Plaintiff has more than 5 NSA agents on DVD confirming that Al Gore used the NSA secret code to admit the NSA arranged the 911 attacks, and these NSA agents, confirmed on DVD that Al Gore’s NSA secret code means that the NSA arranged the 911 attacks.
7.  Plaintiff has more than 5 employees of Galaxy Apartments at 7000-7004 Blvd East , Guttenberg N.J. , saying they have been recruited by the defendant to mess up plaintiff’s Election campaign and to help kill plaintiff and that the NSA threatened their lives and families if they speak out about it. These five employees state on same DVD that all the employees, including the Front Door man, Security Guards, and Management team have all been recruited and employed by NSA. Many of these employees signed affidavits stating the NSA threatened to kill them and gave them $20,000. Not only that but every time they interact with the plaintiff they get $50.00 from the NSA. Some of these Galaxy employees have said on DVD that the NSA has threatened to kill their families if they don’t recount their affidavits. Plaintiff has many on DVD saying this. Not only this, but plaintiff has many of these galaxy employees on DVD saying what they spent the $20,000 they received from the NSA on. Some  have been recorded saying that they bought cars, TV’s, and others saying how they were at  clubs all night using the $20,000 gift card from the NSA. Others have been recorded saying how they used the NSA money to pay for college and others say they were saving the money. The plaintiff has many people on DVD saying they got the $20,000 from the defendant.
   8.  Defendants are jamming up the plaintiff’s telephone and emails, so often that plaintiff cannot reach people, and they cannot reach plaintiff. For example, one of my present Election Campaign workers said he has not received plaintiff’s voice mail messages. People are telling me on DVD that they spoke to me who I have never spoken to. When the plaintiff calls someone he records the call, and when the recording is played back to those he called, the people say “it’s my voice, but I never had this conversation with you.”When plaintiff trys to reach an Inspector General’s office, DOJ, FBI, Attorney Generals office, or anyone in power who could help the plaintiff the calls are intercepted by the defendant and blocked or controlled, so the plaintiff can’t reach anyone to help get his voice heard. Whether its law enforcement, or a voter, all the plaintiffs calls are blocked or controlled. Along with his email and any type of communication. Campaign workers and prospective supporters claim they never received plaintiff’s e-mails, even though the e-mails have never been returned to my in box as having failed. This has been going on for more than four years, during my prior Election campaigns.

  21.         A former whistleblower named Thomas Drake of the NSA also suffered similar retaliation by the NSA after he became a whistleblower at the NSA.
22. The defendant has threaten my brother  with killing his family if he speaks out about his wife arranging the 911 attacks for the NSA. My brother admitted to me in May of 2002 that his wife  had provided phone cards to Ramsi Yousef and the 911 hijackers. My brother said that he was negotiating a 15 year jail sentence for his wife out in 5 years. My brother also said that he as in desperate fear for his life and his family's life.
 23. Plaintiff requests that all hearings be done in person since the NSA controls the phones the plaintiff wants to see the defendants in court.
 24. Plaintiff requests that all hearings be done in person since the NSA controls the phones the plaintiff wants to see the defendants in court. 23. But for plaintiff’s whistleblowing of having witnessed the planning of the September 11, 2001, attack, by his sister in law with top security clearance,
.24.         As a direct result of the constitutional torts committed by these defendants, plaintiff has suffered emotional distress damages, damage to plaintiffs health that may cause death, including plaintiff living in fear of his life, damages to plaintiff’s Election campaign,  a violation of plaintiff’s right to a fair Election under State law and Federal law. Plaintiff will need security for the rest of his life.
25.         Plaintiff demands a temporary order restraining defendants from interfering with plaintiff’s Election Campaign and personal life and damages in the amount $400 million of compensatory and punitive damages.